Saturday, August 22, 2020

Bishop's Vestments


Bishop's Vestments are an officially prescribed set of specialized liturgical clothes that are typically worn by the highest Church hierarchy - archbishops, archimandrites, metropolitans, primates and Patriarchs. In the modern liturgy, they are often worn in conjunction with priestly or clerical garb. It is believed that in the first centuries the vestments worn were similar to what would later be used by bishops today.

The typical attire of the Bishop is a white cassock (or stole) and stole, a long gown of linen, a cassock belt, and a white or ivory stole with a jeweled cross. The priest is usually adorned with a priestly collar and is often dressed in a black habit and a stole. The clergy and choir are usually decorated with white and gold clothes.

Traditionally, the attire of the Bishop is quite simple as opposed to the more ornate traditional clothing of a Priest. The dress code of the Bishop includes the same type of dress as that of a Priest and the only major variation is the vestments. The vestments worn by a Bishop are the same type of garment worn by a Priest as well. This is usually a white cassock (or stole) and stole, a long gown of linen or silk, a cassock belt and an ivory stole with a jeweled cross.

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There are several other religious orders that wear different types of clothing. The most common is the Royal Archbishops (the head of a particular Protestant denomination), who have a robe like a Bishop, which is called an "orange robe." Other Royal Archbishops robes include purple robes. There are also Catholic Bishops, whose robes are the same type of garment worn by priests. This is the most formal dress uniform, as it is the norm for all members of the Catholic Church to wear this attire.

Bishops have their own garments and there are different styles of clothing worn by Bishops. Some Bishops have long, flowing robes and others have short, form-fitting ones. Bishops usually have the same basic color of white and a gold cross on their vestments. In addition to being the color of the garment, a gold cross indicates that the Bishop is an archangel.

Some Bishops wear other types of vestments as well, but these are the most popular. and the ones that are most often found in the hands of clergy and Church members.

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